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Smart Cities

Marketing advanced products and services designed to collect data and/or manage assets, resources and services in order to improve operations across a city and deliver a better experience to workers, residents and visitors.

Smart Buildings

Marketing products and services designed to automate processes in order to automatically control operations throughout offices, buildings and campuses to deliver a better experience to workers, occupants and customers.

Smart Materials

Marketing intelligent and responsive materials with one or more properties/characteristics that change and/or adapt to changing conditions such as temperature or light in order to deliver a better user experience.

Proud of Our Past.
Excited About Your Future.

Sweeney has been immersed in the smart technologies space — helping industry leaders (and start-ups) market their products and services for smart cities, smart buildings and smart materials — for nearly two decades. Our experience, connections and insights with multiple industry leaders give you distinct advantages and tangible benefits.


The Strategic-Creative Journey

We direct and support clients along the strategic-creative journey with research- and data-driven planning, high-impact execution and campaign analytics that ensure meaningful, measurable results.

Strategic Planning

primary/secondary research, persona development, journey mapping, strategy development, testing, optimization

Brand Marketing

brand strategy, brand architecture, naming, messaging, identity development, design, brand marketing

Thought Leadership

strategy, white papers, publicity and media interviews, speaking engagements, awards submissions, board memberships

Influencer Marketing

strategy, find/contract expert spokesperson and/or celebrity, endorsements, sponsorships, product placements, collaborations, content creation, advertising

Advertising (Paid)

strategy, media planning, media buying, creative, design, print, TV, radio, video, outdoor, native, social, paid search, online/digital

Public Relations (Earned)

strategy, media databases, publicity, media relations, media tours, events, feature articles, newsletters, brochures,

Social (Shared)

strategy, social calendars, posting comments/video/gifs/memes, monitoring/listening, blogging, sharing content, tailored content, live posting, managing conversations

Content (Owned)

infographics/charts/graphs, videos/animations/photos/illustrations, blogs, podcasts, brochures/sell sheets/fact sheets, posters/signs/displays, websites, email/direct mail

Our Process

Future-Proofed. Disruption-Proofed.


Step 1 | Discovery Session

ask about, listen to and learn about your concerns, needs and wants

Step 2 | Strategy Planning

offer new ideas that solve problems, make the ROI clear

Step 3 | Review Plan​

establish clarity, transparency and accountability

Step 4 | Execute & Test​

continuously test and learn to optimize campaign

Step 5 | Analyze Results​

demonstrate achievement of goals and return on investment

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