An effective brand strategy provides an edge in increasingly competitive markets. It tells the world who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be.

At Sweeney, we start with an organization’s roots – taking time to research and analyze, pinpoint company goals and dive deep into a client’s industry. We get to know the company as a team member – living and breathing the brand, understanding where the brand is and where it wants to go.

We believe the brand is the foundation, and therefore crucial in a company’s success. We understand a brand has to be agile, able to materialize and evolve through all marketing and communication channels from social media to print advertising to video.

Whether you are rebranding or developing a new brand, be it a product, service or company – we follow strategic steps to ensure the brand will have long-term success.

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Research & Analysis

Conduct audits to understand perceptions
Analyze and document goals
Audit existing brand and materials
Review the industry and get to know competitors


Plan and implement internal launch
Train brand communicators
Develop final guidelines and toolkit
Develop external launch and brand awareness campaigns


Develop brand narrative and visuals
Refine and develop visuals and messaging
Develop preliminary brand guidelines

Strategy Development

Identify and prioritize audiences
Develop brand architecture
Develop positioning and messaging, voice and tone

Case Studies