Recognizing Our Healthcare Heroes

Client: Centers for Dialysis Care

Most kidney patients who require dialysis treatment do not have the option to stay at home. Neither do the healthcare providers who care for them.

Americans living with kidney disease, especially patients on dialysis, are at increased risk of severe infection and mortality from COVID-19. As a result, Centers for Dialysis Care (CDC), like most frontline healthcare facilities, remains open to provide essential health treatment to patients.

A Healthy Response

As statewide shutdowns began, Sweeney and CDC strategized and executed the best possible messaging and tactics to communicate and engage with patients, employees, physicians and the community to ensure continuity of care.

Our combined efforts working across all traditional, digital and social media platforms resulted in heightened awareness and a seamless continuation of operations, with all patients receiving their necessary treatments in a safe and healthy environment. Additionally, employees and physicians have been recognized for their exceptional efforts and publicly applauded for their heroic behavior.

Client Assessment

“Thanks to you and your team for the support. The campaign was very well done.” 
Gary Robinson, President & CEO, Centers for Dialysis Care

“They dig it! Let’s roll with it. Thanks for being so flexible!”
Brittney Carden, Marketing & Community Relations Specialist, Centers for Dialysis Care