Giving Back During a Global Pandemic

Client: West Side Catholic Center and Ohio City Pizzeria

As organizations that feed the hungry and shelter the homeless, West Side Catholic Center and Ohio City Pizzeria have always been on the front lines. So, a pandemic was not about to stop them from serving ALL who are in need of food, clothing, shelter, advocacy and a path to self-sufficiency.

On March 9, the Ohio Governor declared a State of Emergency, compelling businesses to shut down and consumers to stay home. Fortunately, WSCC was able to keep its doors open to those in dire need, while its social enterprise pizzeria continues to serve take out and pick up orders.

A Powerful Partnership

Getting out the message and building momentum were critical. Within hours of the shutdown, Sweeney and WSCC/OCP convened to assess the situation, identify goals and target audiences, brainstorm ideas, assign responsibilities and implement a series of marketing sprints.

As a direct result of our powerful agency-client partnership, hundreds of Pizzeria gift cards have been purchased to support the cause… hundreds of clients are being fed, clothed and sheltered… donations continue to flow in… and volunteers continue to make a difference.

Client Assessment

“Awesome and thank you! We appreciate all your work on our behalf.”
John D. Litten, Executive Director of the West Side Catholic Center and President of Ohio City Pizzeria

“Wow! This is outstanding! Thank you for your quick reply, and nice work on the website and gift card form! We are grateful for your thoughtfulness and support.”
Michael V. Bernot, Director of Advancement of the West Side Catholic Center