In 2007, GASCO introduced ecosmart™, the precision gas industry’s first and only refillable, returnable cylinder – an innovation that saved time, money and the environment. Today, ecosmart™ is the leading specialty gas solution for distributors, end-users and the world-at-large.

But a decade later, GASCO recognized that despite tremendous adoption of the returnable cylinders by safety distributors and customers, less than half were actually returned for refilling. In fact, it was estimated that as many as 50,000 cylinders were unreturned. It was time to engage Sweeney for a rebrand and relaunch campaign to reinvigorate the ecosmart™ movement.


  • Refreshed the brand, including consistent messaging and a modernized logo.
  • Developed marketing material, including trade show banners, posters and cut sheets.
  • Developed product packaging and hangtags for cylinders that uses the cylinder as communication tool.
  • Conduct media planning and buying and developed a print and digital advertising campaign featured in top industry publications that resulted in nearly one million impressions. The ad campaign featured hand-drawn illustration to emphasize the environmental impact of ecosmart Alt 0153.
  • Publicity and media relations efforts resulted nine placements in industry publications such as Gasworld and ISHN, garnering 560,315 impressions.