Tech Air, a leading provider of industrial, medical and specialty gases, equipment and supplies, recognized the need for a new website. However, rather than dress up what already existed, the agency recommend Tech Air first revisit its brand since it was undergoing significant change. The company had fueled tremendous growth through an acquisition model over the last few years, and was continuing a trajectory from a regional company to a national player with a much larger footprint in sales and in geography. This required a strategic rebranding to identify and tell the true Tech Air story.

The agency began the branding process, with an internal audit of eight Tech Air executives and a competitive analysis to create a more extensive understanding of Tech Air, its unique strengths and boarded challenges. We used this research as the foundation to address the brand identity and visual assets, brand architecture and brand processes and protocols.

Brand Identity and Visual Assets

  • Logo refresh that allows scalability and flexibility, reflecting a growing, national industry leader.
  • Typography / color palette: for an integrated system that will support the brand architecture.
  • Corporate tagline: Nothing but the best since 1935 did not tell the current Tech Air brand story to either of its target audiences.
  • Visual assets: in need of quality product / application / industry photos and videos that focused on the employees.

Brand Processes/Brand Architecture

  • Document brand values, descriptor, USP and messaging to capture and codify the culture.
  • Develop brand guidelines.
  • Develop protocols, procedures, and timelines for rolling out the Tech Air brand with each acquisition.
  • Address the dual business aspect of Tech Air: an acquisitions company and a packaged gas company.
  • Create a brand hierarchy: a systematic approach of consistently rolling out the Tech Air brand in relationship to each new company acquisition.

Once the branding was completed, we applied the new branding and messaging to build a new website from ground up that better reflected the current company and needs of current and prospective customers. Sweeney continues to support Tech Air to build brand awareness and generate quality sales leads through ongoing integrated marketing strategies.