In 2019, the Navy Office of Community Outreach (NAVCO) selected approximately 15 cities across the United States to deploy sailors for a week-long schedule of outreach events, including: school visits, band performances, speaking engagements and other opportunities for the Navy to interact within local communities. Wilmington, NC was selected as a location for the 2019 schedule. As a part of its planning efforts, the Navy recruited Sweeney as its in-city planner, supporting publicity and media relations and community relations efforts, as well as on-site support and planning.

Sweeney connected the elite team of Navy planners with leadership in and around Wilmington, and thoroughly educated the team about the region to help develop interactive events that would ultimately prove most effective in sharing the Navy’s mission.



Coverage was included in all major local outlets.

WILMA Magazine



Wilmington Business Journal

Star News Online