Market Research & Strategic Planning

Market research and strategic planning are both unique foundational services we offer independently, as well as critical steps we take during the planning phase of all our campaigns. Whether we are developing a brand, launching an advertising campaign, managing social media channels or pitching media, it is imperative we understand a client’s industry, customers, prospects, employees and media to provide effective council and execution.

Market research allows us to dive deep into the industry, the competitors, the internal and external stakeholders and the drivers for how and why decisions are made. We utilize and are experts in all facets of research from secondary research to competitive analyses, field observations, focus groups and internal and external audits… anything we need to truly understand and immerse ourselves in our client’s world.

Strategic planning starts with answering the fundamental questions of what are we trying to accomplish, who are the target audiences and what opportunities and challenges must we address. Once we understand and document the fundamentals, we brainstorm the best digital and traditional strategies and tactics to achieve measurable goals. A timeline, responsibilities, measurement metrics and budgets are a must to provide an implementation road map. But the strategic planning process doesn’t stop there. It’s an ongoing process that requires documenting and assessing results and adjusting the strategy if necessary to deliver the best ROI.

Interested in learning more about our market research and strategic planning services? Contact our president, Jennifer Manocchio, at [email protected].

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