We offer a unique approach to marketing — a fusion of consultancy, analysis and practice that achieves essential and exceptional results. And we own it. We take the time to learn about our clients’ businesses, to gain insights and apply them accordingly. Why? We cannot provide effective services unless we also understand client’s businesses, their customers, their competitors and the challenges they face.

And we get it right. The right execution and the right timing. The right ideas achieve the right goals. Each client is unique and so is each of our solutions. We constantly evaluate and adapt as needed to ensure we stay on track. Input = output. Our secret is what we do before, to get those results. We use our minds, we observe and explore, we think critically and use our imagination and we are incredibly persistent to achieve the best results possible.

There is no try — we do. We see the campaign from beginning to conclusion from strategy and development to execution and tracking results. We are part of the team. Whatever needs to get done, we make happen.



jim Sweeney Agency Team Member

Jim Sweeney

Chief Executive Officer & Chief Creative Officer

Jennifer Sweeney Agency Team Member

Jennifer Manocchio


Kelly Sweeney Agency Team Member

Kelly Erickson

Chief Financial Officer

Rebecca Wrenn

Director of Client Services & Operations

Rachel Dill

Digital Marketing Manager

Olivia Hiles

Senior Art Director

Lisa Pocci

Vice President of Agency Services

Josey Driscoll

Junior Graphic Designer

Dominique Buchanan

Integrated Marketing Associate


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PR Daily's media relations Sweeney Agency Award
PRNews Agency Elite Awards for Sweeney
Public Relations Society of America Award for Sweeney
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No one is smarter, more creative or works harder than our people. If you’re looking to challenge everything you know about the marketing industry, please shoot us an email with your resume. Job openings or not, we are always willing to make connections.