Monitoring & Analytics

Today, we are fortunate to have a plethora of data available to evaluate everything from customer and prospect habits to marketing campaign results. But securing the data is only the start. Analyzing the data and determining how to apply it is the critical piece. All the data in the world will not do any good unless it is assessed and strategically applied.

When it comes to tracking data and relevant tools, we look beyond the marketing and public relations industry measurement software to include the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence.

We monitor the data real time and assess daily, weekly, monthly and annually to evaluate everything from campaign results – website statistics, email campaign results, social media campaign results, media coverage, advertising return on investment and more – to customer loyalty programs, customer buying behavior, customer service data and more.

We assess the data and apply it in a number of ways based on the client’s goals, including evaluating campaign results, determining marketing return on investment and developing or re-evaluating marketing strategy to achieve more impactful results.

CMOs and their marketing teams are under the microscope now more than ever before to deliver a return on marketing investment. Effective data monitoring, analysis and strategy re-alignment are necessary to prove marketing’s true value to the c-suite.