Four Tips to Leverage Your 2018 Holiday Sales on Amazon

holiday sales on AmazonLast year, Amazon accounted for nearly half of all online holiday retail sales, according to GBH Insights head of technology research Daniel Ives. Needless to say, the holidays are a great time to capture additional sales on the platform and it’s not too late.

Check out these four basic tips to help you leverage your product on Amazon.

  1. Create a discount on your product. This may be obvious, but to be part of the madness you need to offer a deal on your products. Unfortunately, the deadline to submit your product for Cyber Monday or Black Friday on Amazon was in September. However, one route you can take is to create your own coupon or deal, but make sure you determine your budget and set your limit to maximize profits.
  2. Have enough inventory. This is as basic as it sounds. If you don’t have enough supply to match the demand of the holiday season, none of these other tips will matter. Running out of inventory will also hurt your brand reputation with customers because people have little to no tolerance for giving their gifts late or having to wrap last minute. Plus, you don’t want to lose sales because you ran out of product.
  3. Think beyond Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Competition is extremely high on Amazon those two days, so starting your sales and increasing advertising bids in early November can help you break through the clutter and capture people doing their holiday shopping early as well as those people who fear the products they want will run out before the two big shopping days.
  4. Update your creative. Not only should you be using quality images across Amazon at all times, but you should also be updating images to keep up with the seasons. Adding holiday flair to your creative can help make your products stand out during the holiday sales.

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