March Madness: This Month’s Top Stories in the Marketing World

Ah, March. The first day of spring, St. Patrick’s Day and, if you’re a sports fanatic like myself, the kick-off to college basketball’s biggest event, the NCAA tournament. However, this month has brought more than its fair share of marketing gimmicks, campaigns and rivalries as well. From beer brands bickering to beauty empowerment, below are a few of my favorite marketing stories from the month.

  1. Bud Light vs. Miller Lite– We all remember the now infamous Bud Light ad from this year’s Super Bowl that criticized its rival giant, Miller Lite, for its supposed use of corn syrup during its brewing process. In return, Miller Lite launched a lawsuit claiming the commercial is false advertising. The company is seeking an end to Bud Light’s corn syrup ads and campaign and is asking the brand to run new ads to “correct the false and misleading impressions.” No word on when we can expect an outcome, but if you ask me, I think this trial will be quickly swept under the rug, as both brands will surely let their marketing departments get back to business soon.
  2. Avon –Beauty brand, Avon, launched their #stand4her campaign this month, which supports female entrepreneurs and highlighting women’s potential in the workplace. The advertisement features women with visible differences, including model Catrin Pugh who suffered 96 percent burns in a coaching accident in the Alps six years ago. The campaign is a beautiful representation of women everywhere and highlights the company’s corporate responsibility efforts.
  3. Lyft – The ride sharing company decided to offer discounted rides on St. Patrick’s Day in an effort to emphasize safe drinking and highlight the company’s reliability. The campaign was a part of a collaboration with Budweiser’s “Drink Wiser” marketing efforts. It’s a perfect example of standing out above a holiday trend while also communicating a larger cause.
  4. Buffalo Wild Wings – The wing powerhouse is known for its catchy commercials around large sporting events and March Madness is no exception. This month, the restaurant launched its “That’s March Madness” ad, which aims to discourage viewers from watching in mediocre conditions like on a tablet, their phone or in a dirty basement. BWW is in its seventh year sponsoring the big games and in a changing world where watching a game is no longer just for television, I think the approach of highlighting the atmosphere where fans watch the games is spot on.

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Kylie Touloukian

Kylie brings with her two years of experience working with some of the most dynamic healthcare companies in the world from startups to large pharmaceuticals. Her experience ranges from traditional to digital marketing and public relations, including research, strategic planning, publicity and media relations, website development, social media, analytics and more. With a keen focus on understanding her client’s industries, she serves on the account services team as an account executive, as well as managing probably one of the most challenging clients – Sweeney – as our agency marketing manager.