New Uber Logo Is an Uber Weak Strategy.

With all due respect to Uber, there is a time and a place to change or update or refresh a brand. In particular, new logos have a potentially important and valuable purpose. But sometimes, poop by any other name (or emblem) still stinks, to paraphrase Shakespeare.

Uber has lots of problems, all of which have damaged its reputation. And it appears – in fairness to the company – that many of them are being addressed. But a new logo does not change anything. In fact, it looks as if the company is trying to distance itself from itself. And that is not possible.

You are Uber. You made a lot of mistakes. Apologize for them, fix them and stop making them. Then change your logo or even your name if you wish. But doing so now, in the middle of the process, is a bad look.

Uber says the change is because the old logo (which was unveiled just two years ago), was not a good logo. But here is what they told Fortune Magazine two years ago: “This updated [2016] design reflects where we’ve been, and where we’re headed. The Uber you know isn’t changing, our brand is just catching up to who we already were,” explains Uber.

But the truth is that ex-CEO Travis Kalanick created a mess that tainted the brand. The logo, the name, the word mark, the tagline… none of it means anything beyond the reputation of the company. It is all window dressing in the end.

As most everyone likely knows, “uber” is a German word that means “above” or “over”. So perhaps the company should wait until it is “over” its problems before launching a new logo design. Or at least focus its energies on what is most important: delivering a great customer experience.


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