Top 3 Reasons Amazon is Appealing to Your Customers

Amazon ServiceIt’s no secret that Amazon is changing the retail landscape. In fact, 44 percent of all U.S. e-commerce sales were done on Amazon last year, according to One Click Retail. Perhaps even more interesting, Amazon is becoming the go-to resource for product searches; BloomReach reported over half of Americans go to Amazon – versus other search engines or retail sites – to search for products.

So, what makes Amazon so appealing to your customers?

  1. It continues to innovate to remain a one-stop shop. At this point, it may be easier to list things you can’t get on Amazon than things you can. Plus, Amazon is consistently expanding its offerings, from the acquisition of Whole Foods to the new Prime Wardrobe where customers can fill a box with clothes, keep what they like and return what they don’t with a prepaid box. If you can’t get it on Amazon, can you even get it?
  2. The speed. Let’s face it we live in a fast-paced society. Once upon a time, it was a luxury to get an online order in under one week, but Amazon Prime has changed our expectations to be 1-2 days and anything else is just plain slow. Retailers that can’t keep up with Amazon’s shipping speed will become a distant memory in the minds of today’s consumers.
  3. User Experience. Amazon makes shopping easy by consistently showing the customer products similar to what they have purchased in the past, by provoking honest reviews with verified reviews or early reviews, having one-click ordering and dash buttons that customers can place around their home for one push order. The user experience doesn’t get much better anywhere else.

Amazon is going to continue to innovate and grow – July’s Prime Day broke record sales… again – and it’s wise for brands to go where consumers are going. If you can’t beat ‘em, join them, right? Unfortunately, that’s more difficult than it sounds. Most product categories have significant competition, so effective Amazon marketing becomes a leading driver of sales. That’s where we can help.

Want to chat about effectively marketing your products on Amazon? Email me to learn more about our Amazon Accelerate service offering.

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