What if the Coronavirus Never Happened? Seriously.

The dominant global conversation for the better part of six months had been focused either directly or indirectly on one topic: The global pandemic that is coronavirus.

Whether talking about the economy, the presidential election, the stock market, international affairs, the weather, education, social injustice, fashion… everything, without exception is frame-worked in COVID-19.

But what if it never happened? What if it was just another seasonal flu? And what if we all were still at work and at school and at the ballpark and on vacation and at the restaurant and at the museum and at the theater?

What if no one had to wear PPE? No masks, no gloves, no shields. What if we didn’t have to use sanitizer every 15 minutes or take our temperature or social distance or test positive or contact trace? What if we didn’t have to be afraid to talk to a neighbor or hug a relative or hold a newborn baby? What if we didn’t listen to the news 24/7 for updates from the White House or the State House? What if social media wasn’t filled with COVID-19 stories? What if we didn’t have to use our electric shavers to cut our own hair?

What if life just carried on as it had always done? Seriously.

What if we didn’t realize how strong and resilient we are, how innovative we are, how strong we are? What if we didn’t realize that we could be as productive from home as we were at the office or school? What if we didn’t realize how flexible we are and that we could keep the economy – and life – rolling in spite of the global crisis? What if we didn’t realize how amazing it has been to spend more time with those closest to us? What if we didn’t realize that by not flying jets and driving cars we could actually improve the environment?

What if? Seriously.

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